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Keep The Power On With Kohler!

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Let us show you how a dependable Kohler power generator can keep your family safe and sound during the next power outage.

Helping your Family live Life to the Fullest…

Air Masters, Inc. carries one of the most dependable and reliable generators on the market today. Kohler Power Solutions has been the leader in manufacturing generators that provide clean reliable power since 1920. They have been manufacturing generators that power small homes to large manufacturing plants with excellent service and support.

All these are the reason why we include
Kohler back up power generators in our quality line of product offerings.

Losing power when you have a family home that needs to continue to run, can not only be a nuisance, but also the difference between staying put or trying to relocate during extreme weather.

Keep your Home Running…Backup Power Generator can provide that power so you don’t lose any of the following necessities in your family’s home

  • Keeping food cold / frozen and able to prepare meals
  • Hot water for showers or household cleaning
  • Heating or cooling your home during extreme weather
  • Powering lifesaving electrical medical equipment
  • Keeping cell phones charged when land phone service may not be available

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